The Clubhouse is the point of information, meeting people and relaxing in the facilities, has spaces available to our clients to discuss the game and take a few drinks, either in the interior or on the terrace.
A service we offer to groups that wish is the catering service.


The camp is open from 10:00 in the morning until the sun sets.

You can see in the following table the hours of sunset for each month this year.

February – 18:02 hrs.
March – 18:37 hrs.
April – 20:09 hrs.
May – 20:41 hrs.
June – 21:11 hrs.
July – 21:22 hrs.
August – 21:06 hrs.
Septembrer – 20:23 hrs.
October – 19:32 hrs.
November – 17:43 hrs.
Desember – 17:19 hrs.


We have everything you need for a day of recreation and tranquility.


We have a clubhouse, a picnic area, parking lot and playground, as well as complementary activities, such as a human table football and Futtoc.


Annexes to the Clubhouse are separate services for men and women in a small building


To the right of the clubhouse, we have a small children’s play area. It is about a sandbox with toys so that children are distracted while the parents enjoy the unique landscape of the area, a drink and a snack on our terrace.

Free parking

Some Press

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