We want you to be comfortable

Football boots or special equipment are not needed

When you arrive to the facility on foot or by your own car, you must go to the Club House where will provide the customer with the ball to play, a card and a pen to point to the times required to complete each hole. The ball of each participant will be a different colour so that there is not confusion among the participants.

You do not need any special clothing to participate in this game, just comfortable clothes and sports shoes. At this time the participants are now ready to start playing. Begin by completing the first hole and finishing in the 18 hole. In total the approximate time to complete the route is an hour and a half or two hours.

The futbolgolf is a sport activity

Easy and fun, like for professionals as for amateurs, that can be play individually or in teams.

The aim of the activity is to get the ball from the point of departure to the hole in the minimum possible kicking’s.

Each area has marked its difficulty with the so called Par. The Par is the theoretical number of strokes needed to complete each area. This measure is a technical guide on the technical level of each area. Each hole has a specific Par ranging from two to six times.

In total, the route is par 72, to complete the course will need 72 times, meaning that the circuit can be made with an average of four strokes per hole.

The maximum number of players per game is four. Should the number of people who visit us are higher, they be divided into groups with a maximum of four. This is done to speed up the dynamic of the game.

To speed up the dynamic of the game, should not necessarily start at the first hole. The rules allow to start in the half of the route by not having to wait to start the activity.


We play at home and ...

Also abroad! From our earliest days we are part of one big family!!

Futbolgolf Catalunya offers to customers a field of 18 holes to practice this new sport, built under the supervision of the World FootballGolf Association (W.F.G.A), allowing the realization of international tournaments. You can download here the el rules.

To make your stay more pleasant while you are in the field, Futbolgolf Catalunya has a Club House with terrace, bar, parking and a children’s play area.