The course

Each of the 18 areas has a different design and challenges

The first Footballgolf circuitby the state.

A round typically consists of 18 holes, designed and equipped in accordance with the guidelines of the European Footballgolf Association to host major international competitions.

Stands in the middle of a wooded area, in an open space, according to the surroundings of Maçanet de Cabrenys and in the middle of the highest mountains of the Alt Empordà.

A play area well equipped and completely prepared to offer entertainment and fun for groups of all kinds, a leisure space for the family, a recreation point for the working class.

Each route area has a certain length ranging between 35 and 140 meters. The tour has to go where the ball is marked with the cutting of the grass at ground level.
Hope to share with many people the effort and the enthusiasm that we put in the build of this field.

In areas there are several obstacles that make the game more fun. These are natural obstacles (rocks, trees, poles, sand, banks…)
After each area is the Green area, where the grass is cut for a more accurate and where we find the hole in which to post the ball.

All the holes have a flag pole with a number of areas in order to make visible the place where the ball from the start of each hole. At the beginning of each area there is a basket and a display panel in which you can view the route of each hole with the obstacles that has, the level difficulty and the distance to cover.